Elongated Toilet Seat from KOHLER – Preferred by Tall and Big Users

A KOHLER elongated toilet seat is favorite among both tall and big users. Bathroom thrones come in different sizes; however an elongated toilet seat is usually the favored size by a larger and taller user. There are two designs of toilet bowl that results in the difference forms of toilet seats. There is a round bowl, and then there is also the elongated bowl. Kohler K-4737-96 C3-125 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Tank Heater and Side Controls, Biscuit

Furthermore, it used to be that round bowl was most common, particularly when space in a bathroom space was tight. Nevertheless, the trend now is toward the elongated bowls that are about two inches longer than the round bowls. The design is more like an egg in the elongated toilet bowls.

A KOHLER elongated toilet seat is chosen by many people for a couple reasons. First of all, there is more space in front and a bigger target area as well. It is in fact more convenient for men. Secondly, sanitary conditions in the toilet space are improved due to this bigger target area.

You can add to that the truth that an elongated toilet seat is much more comfortable to take a seat, in particular if you are larger or tall in stature, and you will have a reason in relation to why they are more admired.KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Fortunately, an elongated toilet seat is widely offered, and you do not need to settle for a simple old, garden variety white one in case you do not want to.

You can get a KOHLER elongated toilet seat that is padded, meaning even more comfy in a wide range of colors ranging from red to yellow to hunter green to smoke blue and everything in between. A padded toilet seat makes visits to a bathroom much more pleasurable.KOHLER K-4734-0 Rutledge Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Along with augmented seating comfort, a KOHLER elongated toilet seat is preferred for another reason. This type toilet seat tends to be related to being more high-end. It can look a little bit more elegant and up to date, and it has a more refined feel to them. It is another reason that a longer toilet seat is more desirable.

In recent times, it is quite rare to get a regular round toilet along with a round seat in a new house seeing that many people want the more stunning and also more up to date things. In an office building, restaurant and hotels, you can find an elongated toilet for a reason that they look superior.Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat, White

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