All Sofas and Sectionals Are Not Constructed Equal

There are some things that you might want to consider as you are in the marketplace for a new couch, sofas and sectionals. Many of us only think about the way a piece sits as we are in search for the right furniture piece for our living room. Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa - Small Space Configurable Couch - Black

Comfort is of course very important, particularly when you and your family will use it on a daily basis. As you are searching for a piece for your formal living area, or in an Italian house the Museum room, the aesthetics are the main objective. But, as it is used day by day from the family dog to Grandpa, you better purchase the right one or you will do it again in the next year.

There are three different ways of constructing sofas and sectionals. The first and most labor intensive structure is what is called 8 ways hand tied. This design is made of individual springs that are sat on a wood frame for support.

From every spring, there are 8 rope leads that spider web out from the spring on to another and so forth all through the sofa. Hence, what you get is the support of individual springs and the rope that runs throughout. This process needs to be completed by hand which make the piece more costly than the others.Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise (Dark Blue)

The second that can be the most comfortable piece for sofas and sectionals is the sinuous spring configuration. The frame must also be made of hardwood to sustain the springs as the years pass. The frame zigzags under the cushion to bring an even sit and support.

That method of structure is not as labor rigorous as the 8 way hand tied process, hence it must be priced less when you were to have the same style side by side with contrasting seats.Merax 3-piece Reversible Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Ottoman, Suede Fabric / 6 pillows / Wooden Legs, Grey (Grey)

The last and possibly the most popular way of creating sofas and sectionals these days mostly because it is the least costly is the web seat. That web is essentially a piece if rubberized webbing which starts from the top of the couch back and goes to the front of the seat.

This is less costly to make and in most cases the process is automated that can bring the price even lower. It is the seat configuration that you can see in most of the imported couches you can see on the market these days.

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