Bathroom Towel Racks and Shelves Buying Guide

How many times have you been for dinner to someone’s home in which you went to the bathroom in order to wash your hands either before or after the meal, just to find, much to your dissatisfaction, that there is no towel to wipe your hands on? You surely don’t want any guest to get through the same dilemma in your home. KES Bathroom 24 Inch Towel Racks with Shelf Wall Mount Hotel style,Brushed SUS 304 Stainless Steel, A2510-2

Therefore, at what time you design your house, you need to pay attention to essential details such as the bathroom towel racks and shelves even if they may possibly seem apparently trivial.

Before you begin drilling holes into the bathroom walls to match in nuts and screws for the bathroom towel racks and shelves, you have to draw up a relatively simple plan so as to help you find out what kind of racks that you really need and how many you need to have in every bathroom.

Those racks are not only needed to hang your bath towels. Furthermore, there are separate racks and shelves for bath and also hand towels.DecoBros Wall Mount Multi-Purpose Towel/Wine/Hat Rack, Bronze

You need to install those bathroom towel racks and shelves in places that can make it much easier for you to reach out once you need them. Besides, there is no point in owning the racks and shelves hear the door as your bath tub is in the opposite corner of the area.

As you tip toe across the area half the water from your body as taking a bath will have dripped off in the floor, making a mess. Those bath towel racks should be installed close to the shower cubicle or the bath tub. Make sure that those are not positioned directly in the shower nozzle way. Otherwise, once you turn on the shower, the first thing will be bathed is the towel, not you.Organize It All Shelf with Towel Rack

There are a number of designs of bathroom towel racks and shelves made out of chrome, nickel, or satin finish. You need to always go for materials that are waterproof at what time you buy them. In addition, you can have a single bar or compact shelf for the bath towel racks and shelves.

As fitting them in the bathroom, you have to take the extra weight of the wet towels into your consideration. For this reason, it is much better to get one end of the towel racks and shelves fixed in a stud in place of the dry wall.Organize It All Satin Nickel Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

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