Ceiling Fan with Retractable Blades – Best Way to Pick

Ceiling fans get more upgrades in every year. From old pull chain control to smart remote one. The more important thing in ceiling is blades. There is ceiling fan with retractable blades which can be replaced based on what we need. This device consists of several blades and put them together directly or manually one by one. Before buy this kind of fans, you need to know more about it. Fan uses all of blades into one system is very different with retractable part. In all in one device, there are some controls or switch to select which blade you want to use. On the other hand, retractable one only has one blade and changes it manually.Hunter 59085 Fanaway Retractable Blade 48" Brushed Chrome Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control

One of consideration to put ceiling fan with retractable blades is room size. Blade lengths are varying. For small or simple room, you can take less than 50 or 40 cm. If fan diameter is too big, it needs more energy and very dangerous to hanging. Smaller thing can be useful and functional. You just take ladder or small chair to reach fan and change its blade.

New technology in ceiling lets people to attach or detach blade without additional tools. Large room requires careful preparation. You can whether take big fan with longer blade or using many fans. This work might be exhausted but it save energy. When use longer blade, you just take it down for moment to replace blade and hang it again. This is similar with change many small fans in same time.RS Lighting European Crystal Ceiling Fan-42 inch with Retractable Four Blades and Remote Control Silent Fan Chandelier for Indoor Living Bedroom-Chrome

After room size, other right way is know how the blades work. In ceiling fan with retractable blades, every part has their own function and capability. There is blade that can reduce moist with fast circulatory moving. When weather is hot, automatic blade will change to opposite direction, even up to down. This blade can be replaced by new one depend on availability. Automatic blade system can turn to long or short one. It is half retractable. The benefit of retractable blade on ceiling fan is easy to clean. When you know what blade capable of, your ceiling fan will work fine.

The last thing is maintenance. Cleaning is part of maintenance, but overall inspection on mechanical and system of ceiling is important. Before put retractable blade in ceiling fans, make sure you know what you do. It needs mechanic or engineer to repair or make alteration into system. Ceiling fan with retractable blades can’t be done by regular tools kits.Fanaway Classic 48-Inch Fan with Clear 4 Retractable Blades with LED Light Kit, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Parrot Uncle Industrial Ceiling fans with 5 Edison Bulbs Included 42" Black Vintage Ceiling Fan Lights with Remote Control 4 Retractable Blades

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