Electrolux Washer and Dryer Models Review

Washer and dryer is an important home appliance for any household especially if there is a big number of family numbers living in one house. By using this appliance, washing and drying clothes becomes easy and fast. There are some brands of washer and dryer many households trust like Sharp, Phillips, and Electrolux.Electrolux White Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS617SIW 27" Washer and EFME617SIW 27" Electric Dryer

Among the brands, Electrolux washer and dryer seem to be the popular one. This washer and dryer are manufactured by Electrolux, a leading Swedish company. This company has branches in over 140 countries in the world. Electrolux products are known to be fashionable and have cutting edge features. This is what makes many households put their trust on Electrolux.

Although this company has proven that their products including the washer and dryer have a good quality, you still need to know the features of home appliance you want to buy. Below are two models of Electrolux washer and dryer. The first model is front load washer and dryer with wave touch controls.Electrolux Laundry Bundle | Electrolux EIFLS60LT Washer & Electrolux EIMED60LT Electric Dryer w/Pedestals - Titanium

The company says that this front load model is the top line of their laundry appliances. This product is the ideal choice for a big family as it has a very large capacity which is more than 5 cubic feet. Even in 2010, it’s reviewed as having the largest capacity among all laundry appliances. Although the capacity is big, the washer is able to wash very fast, only in about 15 minutes.

People who concern on the environment will definitely go for front load model because it has green features that allow the machine to use less water and detergent. It has not only big capacity but also high quality. The company says that it is the cleanest washer ever.  The drying time is also fast and the dryer is able to remove wrinkles of the garments.

The second model of Electrolux washer and dryer is Front Load IQ Touch Control Washer and Dryer. Compared to the Wave-Touch mode, the IQ-Touch is less comprehensive. That is why the price is also less expensive. Even so, it is still considered as good and environmental friendly product.

Electrolux does not only offer quality but also style. This appliance is available in luxury design and several color choices such as red, white, and Mediterranean blue. Both the Wave-Touch and IQ-Touch are the best option for family use of professional laundromat as they come in great features that traditional washing and drying machine cannot offer.Electrolux Laundry Bundle | Electrolux EIFLS60LT Washer & Electrolux EIMGD60LT Gas Dryer - Titanium

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