Formal Living Room Ideas with Warm Atmosphere

A formal living room design is intended for homeowners who often hold formal occasions in their home. Formal room ideas are also designed for those who are often visited by guests.

My husband is a government official.  Although he has an office in the governmental office building, he is often visited by his colleagues, dignitary, the proletariat, and many more. To welcome the guests, of course our living room should be designed in formal look. Ashley Canvas Businessman Standing On A Roof And Looking At City Wall Art Decor Stretched Gallery Wrap Giclee Print Ready to Hang Kitchen living room home office, 24x30

At first, I thought the formal room ideas must be boring and uninviting. But, I was wrong. Later, I knew that there are some cool living room ideas that enhance warm atmosphere.

One of the vital elements of formal room ideas is the color scheme used. It does not matter whether the room is designed in traditional, modern, or even rustic.

As long as it uses the right color schemes, it can speak for formality. Neutral colors like white, beige, cream, and gray resemble formality. Avoid bold and vibrant colors as the primary color.

Using only neutral colors can make the room look uninteresting. Note that formal room does not mean the room is not attractive. You can apply the concept of contemporary design for example by adding a few bold colors to create some accents. Ottomanson Paterson Collection Grey Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Lattice Area Rug, 5'3"x7'0"

You can, for instance, create a focal point as in modern design. Do not forget to include some greenery in the formal living room ideas. Greens can make the room comfortable for formal conversations.

The living room will feel warm if you also consider the type of lighting. To create a relaxing atmosphere, install lighting in which the amount of light can be controlled. A dimmer or rheostat is a great lighting for formal living room ideas.NEW Round Flush Mount Thin Ceiling Light |  LED Disc Shaped Thinnest Round Dimmable Lighting Fixture | Direct Wire Lights | No Drywall Work Required | 2700K Warm Light |12" White

A formal room is unlike a family room where you can display family informal photos and other private pieces, thus exclude them from the formal home design.

Your TV should also be hidden. Family photos are allowed as long as they are formal. For example, you can hang a family picture where all members dress and act formally. The other furniture item that can add formality is a glass bookcase.

Arrange your book collections orderly in the bookcase. Display other items such as bowls, cups, trophies, and other decorative pieces. Other common accessories for formal living room ideas include statues, artwork, mirrors, candles, flowers, pillows, houseplants, vases, etc.Wall26 Rustic Canvas Prints Wall Art - Dandelion Artwork on Vintage Wood Board Background Stretched Canvas Wrap. Ready to Hang - 12" x 18"

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