Paper Clock for Renewing Old Kitchen

Most people do not desire to throw something away when it is in good working condition but at what time the looks start to go on the kitchen wall clock what other option do you have? You surely cannot put it up for sale and you possibly cannot even give it away. Make Your Own Working Paper Clock

What it requires is actually just a new look. If a clock is a less costly item then the first thing to show the signs of aging will be its face. A cheaper paper clock has a thin paper background beneath their hour and minute hands. Clock faces are so easy to change and swapping out the old face will breathe a new life into the old clock.

Most companies sell a variety of new clocks faces for you to try. When you cannot get any that you really like, it is fun and easy to make them at home. Just remove the paper from its old face and then use it to make a model on your new material. There are easy and great ideas for a new backgrounds that are lying around your house.

Old maps make a very good choice as well as stunning photographs from magazines. You can always make a paper clock mosaic just by cutting out a range of forms from colored magazine pages and then reassembling them on a background. In case mosaic is not your style, you can try gluing some flat back gems in order to mark the hours.The Paper Home: Side Tables, Clocks, Bowls, and Other Home Projects Made from Paper

Another very good idea in making a paper clock is to make an antique looking parchment background. Crinkle a properly sized sheet of white paper and then soak it overnight in strong coffee. Besides, the coffee can stain the paper yellow and then make the creases a darker shade for a really ancient appearance. You can try altering the frame of the clock; simply pick a new color and then paint over the old color.

Often, a paper clock can be a simple round design. In order to make thrilling looking kitchen wall clocks, you can visit a thrift store and then pick up some old silverware you like the look of. Select four knives, four forks, and four spoons. Use liquid nails or any other kind of cement glue so as to stick them to the clock’s back so that every piece of silverware is the extension of the hour.

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