Leather and Fabric Sofa – Pros and Cons

Sofa is furniture that must be present in the home décor. When choosing a sofa, make sure that they are not only beautiful, but comfortable and functional. A sofa can be covered using a fabric or leather. Leather and fabric sofa are available in many designs and styles.ACME 50155 Remington Bonded Leather and Fabric Sofa, Brown Cherry Finish

Choose the one that suits may be difficult. To choose the best, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the product you want. Let halted with fabric sofa. Fabric material is cheaper when compared to leather, especially leather.

Many of them can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. For advanced cleaning, remove the cushion cover. Fabric sofa comes with many choices of combinations of fiber. Therefore, you can find a fabric sofa in many attractive colors and patterns so you can be more flexible to match with your home decor.

Both leather and fabric sofa also has drawbacks as well. What is a shortage of fabric sofa? Some fabric which uses high natural fibers will pill if exposed to the sun for long time.

Fabric is also easy to tear. This is the reason why people who love cats or dogs prefer a leather sofa. Fabric sofa is not recommended if you maintain both animals in the house. Pet playful and sometimes claws can tear the lining fabric sofa.

In general, leather sofa more durable than fabric sofa. Although more expensive, leather sofa can last up to 15 years of use with proper maintain.Classic Two Tone Large Linen Fabric and Bonded Leather Living Room Sectional Sofa (White / Light Grey)

Fun, is not it? Cat or dog does not like the leather material so that your sofa will be safe from their claws. Leather is not easy to rip and tear. In addition, the leather is not dusty and easy to clean.

Many people are allergic to dust and prefer a leather sofa. Leather material does not easily fade. Nonetheless leather sofa has its drawbacks as well. They tend to be colder in winter and stubborn dirt can damage the leather dye. Moreover, the choice of colors is not as much as the sofa with fabric.

Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of leather and fabric sofa, you can buy one that fits. Whatever your choice, make sure you buy a quality product from a trusted brand. Routine maintenance will make the sofa look always new and durable.

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