Bluetooth Alarm Clock – Great for Such a Little System

A Bluetooth alarm clock is a Bluetooth enabled alarm clock. A Bluetooth music device will be capable of syncing with the system and then you can play your favorite music right through it. Out of the box, the device contains a fully self-contained system along with an antennae cord and a power cord. iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Speakerphone and USB Charging -Gray (Newest Model)

As soon as you open it up, you can test out the syncing capability. It is very simple and straight-forward and can find your phone in just under a minute. As it is synced, you can hit play on your phone, and it can stream directly to the clock.

A Bluetooth alarm clock is possibly not as good as the higher end direct sync systems; however, by any stretch, it is relatively good. Some other features is that it features a USB port on the back of this device, making it capable of charging several types of devices.

Having a USB plug in the back can be very pleasing as that way you can charge whatever you want, provided that it connects with a USB cord and it does not need to be a Bluetooth device. Moreover, the USB port of this device does not sync the phone; as a result it is just a charger.OnLyee Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock Radio & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with AM FM,Speakerphone,Dual USB Charging,Multi-Color LED Night Light

Furthermore, there is an audio port right on the back of the Bluetooth alarm clock in which you will be capable of hooking up any non-Bluetooth devices. The quality of the sound through the port is perhaps not as good as any Bluetooth connection, but it might be the quality of the cable.

As a clock, a Bluetooth alarm clock is just like most other clocks in terms of its features. The alarm settings can be adjusted different for the weekday, weekends and all week, for the people who have different weekday and weekend schedules. It can sync to the right time as you use Bluetooth.

It also comes with a cool undercarriage light which will light up the underside of the clock; it really looks neat in the dark. Additionally, the sound of alarm from some branded products might be much better, but there is no Bluetooth capabilities. Overall, for a clock radio, it is better than average.iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with USB Charging and Speakerphone

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