Funny Alarm Clocks Types You Would Love

A funny alarm clocks can really help you to get up with a smile on a daily basis. Not only are they very funny but they are quite useful as well. Most of them feature jaw dropping attributes which will leave you laughing on the bed every morning. BigMouth Inc Sparky The Rappin' Bulldog Talking Alarm Clock

Some of those alarm clocks in fact require you to wake up and run around only to shut down the sound of the alarm. There are many types of such alarm clocks that you can get these days.

Kaboom alarm clocks and Drill Sergeant alarm clocks are two types of funny alarm clocks that you can have. Kaboom alarm clocks are formed in the shape of grenades and these types have very loud alarm sounds. The sounds of these clocks are more than enough to get you up in the morning.

These types also look very cartoonist with a black body and yellow top. The drill sergeant alarm clocks are shaped just like a drill sergeant and can start yelling and insulting you as the set time has been reached. Some of their insults are really hilarious and will of course make you giggle. Besides, they are very economical as well.New 2015 LED Alarm Clock Digital w/ Flying Propeller Wake up Top Black

The throw alarm clocks and chicken and egg alarm clocks are some other types of funny alarm clocks. The throw alarm clocks are very interesting as the only way to shut off the alarm of these types is to throw it against the wall. It is very good for releasing all the stresses you have bottled in you.

The chicken and egg clocks are absolutely one of the most maddening ones, but they are also one of the most helpful ones. Whenever the alarms go off, they start laying eggs and when you want to shut the alarm sound down, you will need to collect all the eggs and then put them back into the chicken. Still, there is a certain order in which you need to put the eggs; if not, the alarm will go on ringing.

The last type of funny alarm clocks you can have is hide and seek clock. It is the same as the running alarm clocks; the only difference being that it can hide as well. The exterior of this clock looks like a rug and you can have them in different colors to suit the carpet you have. Thus, when the alarm goes off, it runs off and hides someplace making you look for it in order to turn off the alarm.Alert Loud Alarm Clock Hide and Seek Runaway Alarm Clock Two Wheels Funny and Cute Alarm Clock for Lazy People(pink)Premium and Funny Target Alarm Clock With Plastic Gun, Infrared Laser and Realistic Sound Effects-Camouflage

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