2 Drawer Console Table – The Perfect Filler for Dead Space

If you have some plain wall space in which you cannot figure out how to decorate, then you can look to a 2 drawer console table to solve the issue. Many console table designs these days are elegant pieces which are more than just a table top and four legs. Shutter 2-Drawer Console Table, Gray Eased Edge

They can have drawers, cabinets, mirrors, and anything else which would provide functional for simple storage space. They average just about four feet in length generally and come up to your waist. Moreover, it is just about a foot wide though and it will not take up too much space in a foyer or hallway.

While the modern pieces are more practical you can get antique 2 drawer console table designs with some essential functionality as storage space. Those are also more attractive as many were painted or hand carved. Other areas which look wonderful with a console table piece might be a fireplace which is no longer in use.

You can place one in the dining area to be used for the buffet type meals. Any barren space which is narrow is just right for console tables. You can suit it to the height of your couch and keep some books on top of it. You can also store wine, mail, or keys.Simpli Home Carlton Console Sofa Table, Dark Tobacco Brown

With small apartments space is a hot service and making use of a 2 drawer console table can actually save space and also remove clutter. Their narrow tops can also provide plenty of space to maneuver at the same time as offering a place to store items on a daily basis which would otherwise make the small place look even smaller.

You can get them in just about any material these days and in many paints. Many are made out of blonde woods such as birch or beech. There are even tables which are really eco-friendly for those of you that are environmentally conscious.Winsome Wood Xola Console Table, Cappuccino Finish

Those eco-friendly console tables are transformed from recycled or second hand woods and some other materials into unique and beautiful console table designs. Still there are some other woods used, like bamboo, which is durable and plentiful.

Your 2 drawer console table can transform a room and can really bring out the interior decoration. Apart from its essential function as a storage piece, it can also be used as a wonderful piece of art. It can be a perfect piece of furniture for any house.South Shore Flexible Console Table with 2 Drawers, Black Oak

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