Animal Print Bath Towel is So Cute

The world of bath towel is getting more colorful today. You will not only find plain white towel in the market, but there will be many varieties of it with various color and motives.  And one of the models that receives high popularity recently is animal print bath towel. This is the kind of towel that has animal skin motives printed on it.Ustide 3-Piece Leopard Print Bath Towels Set Solid Cotton Hand Towels Super Soft and Water Absorption Towels Sets

A lot of people prefer to choose this bath towel instead of others since it has nice appearance and high comfort as well. But, choosing the right bath towel product with animal motives printed on it is not an easy job, especially when there are so many options in the market. Therefore, to help you find the right one, these are the guidance that can be followed.

The first and the most basic thing in choosing the animal print bath towel is considering the motives. Not many people know that towel can be a bathroom decoration. In fact, towel is relatively cheap and efficient to give a significant accent to your bathroom. So, you better choose the best motive to make your bathroom turns to be more alive.

Certainly, there will be a lot of motives that come in different color in the market, so, be wise in choosing it. Some motives such as zebra skin, tiger skin, giraffe, and cheetah skin considered as the buyer’s favorite choice. In addition, in order to create simple and elegant look, choose the one with combination of basic colors such as white, black, grey, and brown.Avanti Linens Cheshire Bath Towel, Earth

Second, pay attention on the fabric that used in it. Generally, most animal print bath towel companies use cotton as the main materials of their product. But, however the cotton also comes from different level. And if you really concern with the one with luxury look, the Supima and Egyptian cotton will be the best choice.

With the long fiber, this kind of materials will provide soft and plush sensation that will make you enjoy your time in wrapping your body with bath towel. Moreover, these kind of cottons are also provide high durability, so it will last longer than if you use other materials.UR Towels 60x120cm Absorbent Microfiber Animal Tiger Print Beach Towels Soft Quick Dry Bath Towel

The last thing to consider comes to the density, weight, and absorbency of the fabric. Density is the amount of fibers in square foot, or usually called pile. The higher the density of the towel, the higher comfort it is going to have. So, for the best towel quality, choose the one with the good density.

Finally, the good animal print bath towel should have a combination of lighter weight and high absorbency too. However, with high absorbency, the towel will be able to dry your body quickly so you will get more time efficiency.Society6 Leopard Print Set of 4 (2 hand towels, 2 bath towels)

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