Coaster Full Size Sleigh Bed Black Finish Louis Philippe Style Review

Coaster full size sleigh beds black finish come in nice design to accommodate your high quality bed. This product comes in three parts, Headboards, Beds and Footboards. All parts constructed from solid wicker and wood. The parts come separately, so you have to assembly before use it. However, the process is easy, just follow the manual.

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Coaster full size sleigh bed black finish with Louis Philippe style come with 85 3/8 inch in length, 56 inch in wide and 47 inch in height. The black finish is great because it will complement with other color easily. Full size veneer also features elegant and classy curving line in the footboard and headboard. Traditional Louis Philippe and sleigh design will make your bedroom look classic but elegant.

This product will be perfect with dresser, nightstand, classic mirror or chest that you own. Lastly, Coaster full size sleigh bed black offers you with nice shape and elegant atmosphere. Some customer says that they need more frame support, but it’s great for its price range.

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