Contemporary Oversized Wall Clocks for Modern Interior Design

There are many ways you can do to make the room feel comfortable. Besides to keep the room clean and furnish it with functional furniture, you can enhance the room with decorative ornaments. There are numerous decorations you can choose, and contemporary oversized wall clocks are the good idea to decorate a room with modern style.Howard Miller 625-406 Postema Gallery Wall Clock

Clock is an item that must be provided in all rooms, because it is important to show you the time. Moreover, the clock is available in many designs. However, the oversized design makes this clocks become a nice wall decoration.

You can find wide selections for the design of contemporary oversized wall clocks from the sizes, shapes, materials, colors and styles. The size of this wall clock is definitely much bigger than the regular one. It is purposefully made in oversized design not because to give a clearer look, but as the contemporary style of wall decoration.

However, this wall decoration is not merely designed to beautify the wall, but also comes with functionality as the normal clock. For the shapes, the clock can be made in round, square or decorative asymmetrical shape. Commonly, the last one is mostly chosen to give more attractive and unique look.Ashton Sutton HOC022 QA Square Wall Clock, 22-Inch

The styles of clock design are varied, from the simplest to the elaborated one. It can be like made with frame, or just arranged the numbers of clocks directly on the wall. The clock can also be designed with numbers or the other shapes as for the signs. The numbers designs itself are available in different styles.

Furthermore, the styles of hands are varied too. There are a lot of decorative designs for the clock’s hands. Then, for overall style for the contemporary oversized wall clocks, you can choose which one that is if to the décor theme of your room.Color Map 12-Inch Large Modern Colorful Stylish Elegant Silent Non-ticking Home Kitchen/Living Room Wall Clock (WhiteCrystal, White)

Besides the styles, the clock is made of various materials like wood, plastic or polyester, metal, stainless steel and many more. The material choice is also able to determine the style of the clock. For modern room décor, commonly, the clock is made of metallic material that can give a sleek and futuristic look.

However, the other materials are good too. Besides the metallic colors like silver, gold or black, contemporary oversized wall clocks are also good to be designed in solid and bright color tones. It can bring a bright atmosphere throughout the room. However, the clock design must be fit to the other decorations around.SonYo Indoor Non-Ticking Silent Quartz Modern Simple Wall Clock Digital Quiet Sweep Movement Office Decor 10 Inch(Bluegreen)Unity Siddal Silent Sweep Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock, 12-inch

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