Crazy Alarm Clocks Review

Whether you confess it or not, one of the hardest things to do is to get up to work early, go to school or whatsoever. A lot of people do not like that yet it cannot be avoided. As a result, if you have a difficult time to get out of your bed, then there are some crazy alarm clocks which can solve the problem.

Crazy Blender Alarm Clocks look just like a blender and sound like one as well. Unlike other blenders, however, they are filled with Styrofoam beads. At what time it is the time to wake up; the beads start whirling around, creating a disturbing noise which will certainly raise any heavy sleeper. When you can withstand the racket, the clocks will also play carnival-like music all at once.

Blue Blender Cool Alarm Clock

Nobby the crazy alarm clocks is another irksome device which can literally tell you to get out of your bed. You can talk with these long-neck cyclopes who can tell you the time. However, if you do not wake up when it shouts “Rise and shine, it is the time to wake up!” he will become angry and talk like there is no more tomorrow.

The only way to make it silent is to wring its neck. It is just like having crazy clocks and stress reliever all at once.

nobby cool alarm clock

Some people can go to the extent of being mad, coming up with crazy alarm clocks. The next one is the Danger Bomb Alarm clocks that seem more to be designs instead of wake up devices.

Then again, in case the features of those clocks are to be taken into your consideration, you may possibly be quite astonished to get yourself waking up even before those things get the chance for going off.

Danger Bomb Crazy Alarm Clock

The last one is the Alice Wang’s Tyrant crazy clocks with alarm that can dial a random number in your own mobile contact list every three minutes when you do not respond to the loud ringing.

Unless you wake up within ten minutes of the crazy alarm going off, you can have three angry friends questioning why you called them very early. The Tyrant Clock crazy alarm clocks rely one of the most feared sensations, humiliation, to get the job finished and chances are it can work just for you.

Alice Wang Tyrant clocks

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