Ecofriendly Flooring Ideas For Your Green Home

It is important to understand about your home’s environment that you’re exposing your children to, may something as simple as carpeting and flooring your home can be threats to your family.

The types of chemicals that we use to clean our carpets have can all obtain chemicals that have evident to be poison. We have to be aware that when that when carpeting our floors we can also do this Eco-friendly away.

This is supported by a growing number of people whom care about the environment.Choosing Eco-friendly flooring or carpet can be a right way to protect our environment but more importantly we want to protect ourselves and our families.

Many people do not wise up that most carpets include certain chemicals that can be risk to children, not very ideal for your family home. Chemicals that can be found in carpets include 4-phenylcyclohexene which is a byproduct of latex which binds in the fibers of carpet. The chemical can be toxic because it is produce unseen gases that can enter exchequer system an be damaging in the long term.

As babies and young children as very susceptible to toxins its important for parents to consider the carpet they choose especially if planning to carpet the child’s bedroom. There are some alternatives to choose your home Eco-friendly flooring.

  • Hardwood Eco-friendly flooring : does not hold dust, dirt, or chemicals in the fibers so is very easy to preserve and remove bacteria.
  • Cork Eco-friendly flooring: made from bark shavings and is a renewable resource and very easy to clean. Cork flooring has the capacity to absorb heat and any amount of paint color quickly. If you are searching an energy efficient flooring option, cork flooring is the best option to choose.
  • Bamboo Eco-friendly flooring: For people who like wood, bamboo flooring will be a main appeal attraction. Bamboo flooring can be painted in any shades. bamboo is light brown in shade and it is found in sheaves in the world and is known for its ability to be harvested within 3 months of it being planted. Bamboo flooring is lasting and is resistant to fungus.
  • Recycled Metal Eco-friendly flooring: Recycled metal, which is made from leftovers of industrial and consumer based industrial processes. This flooring is available in multiple shapes, colors, sizes, and finishes. It has long lasting life compared to other flooring options. It can easily be maintained and doesn’t flake or crumb off.

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