Fisher Paykel Washer Spin Problem Solving

Fisher Paykel is a leading home appliance manufacturer from New Zealand. Due to the reputability of the company, it earns trust from costumers around the world. Many products of the company are best selling in the market, including Fisher Paykel washer.

This is an energy-efficient washer that features some components. Overall, it is a good product and worth to buy. However, there is an issue about this washer.

Some customers find that after the spin cycle is complete, the washer sometimes fails to drain properly. This problem can be easily fixed by calling a service technician. In fact, you can fix it on your own. Imagine if this problem happens several times. How many times do you need to call a service technician, then? And, how much money will you spend? So, it is better to learn how fix this spin problem.

When you find it does not properly drain, you need to check some parts of the Fisher Paykel washer. It is because there are a number of reasons why this can happen. First, check the hose whether it get clogged with debris. If there is something that blockage the hose, it won’t be able to flow the water.

In order to know whether there is a problem on the hose, you need to remove it and examine it carefully. Use a flashlight if necessary. If you find any clogs, dig them right away. If the hose is okay, it means the problem is caused by another reason, Check the diverter.

The electronic diverter is located in the main housing. Before you remove it, make sure that the power source has been disconnected from the washer. Usually the problem is caused by broken wires in the diverter.

Overtime, the diverter can burned out too. The only way to solve this problem is by buying a new diverter. Please buy any devices only from the authorized Fisher & Paykel parts dealer. Some devices available in the market sometimes are not exactly the same as the original. Installing wrong devices can lead damage to the washer.

Just like the hose, the pump can also get clogged. So, you should check it, too. An additional concern is to check the motor controller module. This component is fine if it shows a zero volt reading after being tested with a voltmeter.

A new replacement model is required if there is a problem with the controller module. If you know what to do when the Fisher Paykel washer stops draining, you can fix it quickly at no cost.

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