French Interior Design Ideas

France is one of the countries in the world that are considered as the direction towards the latest and stylish interior design. French interior design is typically made of hand-crafted accessories high quality materials. Creating the French Look: Inspirational Ideas and 25 Step-By-Step Projects

Therefore, it is durable and beautiful. French design can be applied for both interior and exterior design.

Exterior designs such as garden, front yard, and patio are often inspired by the lilac countryside of Provence. However, more likely, a house will feature the elements of French interior ideas, accented with items inspired by and made in France.

French design falls in a number of types. Some popular types of the French interior design are French country look, classic French look, and French bohemian look.

Country French approach combines rustic and well-worn pieces in airy and open rooms. The classic French look incorporates furniture pieces with paintings mounted in flamboyant frames and lean, carved legs. French Accents: Farmhouse French Style For Today's Home

Meanwhile, The French bohemian look integrates cerulean blue glass vases, tarnished metal signs, or other thrift-store finds with family photos, souvenirs from world travels, heirlooms, and art collections. All types above include natural materials and architectural details.

For many French interiors, a stone fireplace becomes a main part of the design. It is often set within a stone granite wall but can be evoked in a more modest look with a thinning out of stones on the fireplace mantel or a pebble top on a kitchen island.

Furnishings, accessories, finishes, and architectural elements of Paris interior ideas incorporate wood, paper, ceramic tile, cotton, and other natural materials. A French interior design is classy and far from being cold. French Style with Vintage Finds

The pieces are put-together yet never cookie-cutter as it acknowledges antique, precious pieces amidst the glossy and new. Lush fabrics and artisan woodworking gives the interior cafe-style curtains, a decadent touch, and window box grounds that bring the natural world to the design.

The other natural elements that can be seen in the interior are nature or animal scenes in silhouette such as those often found in window curtains, chair cushions, and pillow coverings.

For the palette, a French interior concept has a soft, modest palette of ivory accented with mild black on door and window frames as found in many cottages in France.

Classic French interior design feature marigold, navy blue, deep red, and other lush palette accented with gold furniture. Meanwhile, the French country look offers more rusted palette that come in faded cornflower blue, distressed aged white, and mustard yellow.La Vie Est Belle: The elegant art of living in the French style

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