George Nelson Clocks – Reproduction vs. Vintage Clocks

When it comes to a clock design, indeed George Nelson is one of the great names in the industry of clocks. It is most likely because of his designs that are held as one of the original ones ever to endorse the American modernism.

It is just natural that there will be reproductions made out of Nelson’s original designs. While the reproductions of George Nelson clocks are gorgeous duplicates of the original, for a number of collectors just the inventive vintage clock designs will do.

If you are one of the avid fans of George Nelson clocks, then of course you should have heard about the Ball Clock. This one is one of the earliest ever expanded by the designers for the Howard Miller line.

The inventive design is rather simple, with a circle for its middle. Connected to the center are the 12 spikes, signifying the 12 hours of the day. Besides, at the end of every spike is a ball, thus the basis for its name. Indeed this is one of the simplest forms ever produced by Nelson and it was initially released in six color variations. Vitra Men's George Nelson Ball Clock

The contemporary versions of George Nelson clocks, though, have more colors and more assortments to them. There is even one trendy modern variation which has the balls in different colors.

Moreover, the vintage ones did have six color variations, yet for every dissimilarity, the balls were of similar color as the spokes. For example, one of vintage Ball Clock designs is available in a black design, thus the balls were colored black all over.

This special reproduction, however, has contrasting color balls. The idea is still based on the inventive one developed by Nelson. However the 12 balls are offered in different colors of blue, green, and red.

The Ball Clocks are not the only George Nelson clocks that have been modified for modern tastes and also the desire for as much range as possible. Vitra Sunburst Clock by George Nelson

If you are in search for buying a vintage Nelson clock, then it would be a very good idea to be familiar enough with some of the reproductions in the market, particularly those made by Vitra seeing that they put up licensed reproductions for sale.

If you compare their products to the ones manufactured in the 50s or 60s, it will make it a lot easier to spot the difference as you start shopping for your own clocks.Vitra Men's George Nelson Sunburst Clock

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