Green Home Design as A Life Time Home

Green home is an energy and space efficient home which provide comfort and healthy living environment to its residents. It is performed by using sustainable resources. Sustainable resources can optimize our resources by taking it from natural environment and reduce the impact on the environment. Green Home Building: Money-Saving Strategies for an Affordable, Healthy, High-Performance Home

Concept of Green home has to be applied from its building materials to its insulation and lightnings. It can comply the householder’s life with luxury and style and is considered as a new positive feature to the community. Green home can be rated as a lifetime home.

There are two types of Green homes which are Affordable Green homes and Healthy Green homes. Affordable green home emphasis on the energy-saving features.

It must be able to estimate cost efficiently. Healthy green home must be controlled to the home’s resources which can pollute the environment not only the builder but also homeowner.


The main difference between a conventional home and a green home is the energy consumption. The green home use 30 % less than the conventional home. Green from the Ground Up: Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient Home Construction (Builder's Guide)

Generally, Green home is situated at an environmentally friendly place where it is surrounded by the greenery. It allows to maximize its exposure to the sunlight to produce the requisite energy.

We can build the conventional home anywhere. The Trees and shrubs around the green house can act as a natural shade to cool down the house


It is important to open your windows during the day and let the sunlight into the house to reduce the usage of electricity. Day lighting allow the sunlight to fall equally on the green home. its design can help to maximize the usage of solar energy in green home.

Solar energy is the renewable energy used as green home’s energy resources. Solar energy can produce both electricity and heat. By using solar energy, you can save electricity where it is good to save fuel energy.Green Homes: An Everyman's Guide to Energy Efficient Design and Renewable Technologies

You can use the glass doors and windows to design your green home to allow the daylight to enter the house.

Place the windows at the right place in order to fulfill its function as a ventilator. Light tube is used to have surface which can reflect the daylight and pass on the light to the home interior.

Bird island’s green homes used  light tubes because they have lesser heat transfer than skylights. Sustainable-source silicone glass fabric is used to build the Bird Island’s green home.

The green home can sway with the breeze because this glass is very light and flexible. It allows daylight into the house and also allow the homeowner to have a gleam to the sky whenever the wind blows.Green Interior Design


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