Hanging Curtain Rods Guide And Tips

Some people find the job of setting up hanging curtain rods easier; some others find it somewhat difficult. So here is a mini-guide which can help you with getting the curtain rods thus you can have those wonderful curtains and drapes that you already desired. RoomDividersNow Adjustable Ceiling-Mounted Curtain Rod Support Brackets, Black (1 Set of 2)

Here are the tools that you will have to have around; measuring tape, pencils, drill, screwdriver, level, and hammer. If you have the regular hidden curtain rods types, then you need to measure about 3-5 inches out from the windows and from the top about 1.5 inches up.

In each of the sides, you need to mark the spot using a pencil and apply the level to double-check in which the unseen line is straight and level.

Once you have that done, then you have to go with the directions that the hanging curtain rods came with to hang it right on the windows. When you have exposed the curtain rods, the more contemporary type, first you have to figure out where precisely you want to hang the brackets. RoomDividersNow 108in-168in Hanging Curtain Rod With Brackets, Silver

Moreover, there are a few crippled wooden studs in which you have to find out where they are positioned. They are around the windows and you have to check the distance from the windows to see where to put the curtain rods.

First you need to get hold of the stud finder, it will be easy to get it at a local hardware store and it will not be expensive.

As you have it, you have to mark the spots in which the studs are placed. If you do not want to expend your money on purchasing the finder gadget, then you need to attach the curtain rods close to the windows trim as you most likely will face a stud there. Curtain Rod Brackets - Black (Set of 2) - (Also known as - Curtain rod Holder / Curtain rod Bracket / Bracket for Drapery rod / Bracket set for Draperies rod / Brackets for curtains rod)

But you have to make sure that you do not employ very short screws seeing that you require them to get through the whole drywall right into the wood with the aim of keeping the hanging curtain rods safe and protected for quite a long time.

Of course if you want to put the curtain rods inside the wood trim, then you can screw it in the wood using mounting brackets.

A last alternative, if you have none of that above at hand when you want to place the hanging curtain rods, is by taking a walk to a local hardware store and then ask for anchors and also EZ toggles.Stainless Steel Curtain Drape Wire Rod Set Multi-purpose Set Hang Photos, Notes, Art by Fasthomegoods

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