Heated Towel Rack Free Standing for Saving Space

A free standing heated towel rack is used to hang towels in a bathroom. It can occupy significantly little space and is available at a low price. There are a number of types of this free standing towel rack model that is available with unique patterns and designs.

It can include the towel tree towel rack, the 3 bar towel rack, the Gatco s-style tree free standing, and the warm racks premium free standing towel warmer, the warm rails Chelsea portable towel warmer, the warm racks Heatra classic towel warmer and also drying rack.

The towel tree towel rack can save some space seeing that it is vertical and also fixed to the wall. The rack is specially designed for arranging any size of towels and is also designed to be accessible from the shower, sink or tub. A free standing heated towel rack can also come together with a towel warmer in different shapes and sizes.

The most frequently used warmer appears just like a towel rack that is designed to hang some towels and those can be wall mounted as well. Those bars are heated in 2 contrasting ways and can also be heated with the aid of electric heating elements which are present in the bars.

Chelsea is a type of free standing heated towel rack with a drying rack and also a warmer with horizontal straight rails. Besides, it consists of a non-heated shelf that can be removed. Its extra feature is used for more storage.

The feet of this rack is made out of plastic; that’s why, it can avoid any sort of damage to the floor. Those warm rails will consume less power as compared to bulb heated and are quite inexpensive. Those are specially designed to dry some towels and cloths and are also environmental friendly.

Heatra classic, one type of free standing heated towel rack, is removable and can be wall mounted as well and does not need any wiring. Those warm rails are energy efficient and just consume very little power. The Heatra classic electric warmer is designed for running 24 hours and are also safe.

The remarkable sleek design of the warm rail premium free standing towel warmers can fit in any bathroom and its trendy design can give a unique and gorgeous look. It just occupies little space and the warming power can be very sufficient for warming some towels for the whole family.

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