Helpful Tips For Installing a Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

In order to reduce the costs, many homeowners are deciding to install a ceiling fan mounting bracket in their houses without calling in a costly electrician. The real benefit to having such ceiling fans is to enhance the circulation of air in a house and boost the comfort level for the occupants of the house. Westinghouse Lighting 0110000 Saf-T-Brace for Ceiling Fans, 3 Teeth, Twist and Lock

Such ceiling fans are also very practical for the period of the winter times, since warmer air increases towards the ceiling, and a ceiling fan can help push the heat down to the place where you are living.

Today, you can find many different designs of ceiling fans in a wide variety of styles and finishes and some of those kits include attached lighting. To install your ceiling fan mounting bracket, you can start by taking down the light fixture.

When you do not have an overhead fixture in the room, you will have to have an electrician run the suitable wiring. Before you take down the lighting fixture or try to make some connections, you will have to throw the breakers for the circuit the light fixture runs on.

As the breakers are shut off, then it will be safe to proceed and then remove the lighting fixture and also disconnect its wires. As you take the lighting fixture down, you need to check on the junction box in order to make sure that it is attached firmly to the ceiling joists in order that it will sufficiently support the weight of the ceiling fan. Arlington FBRS4200R-1 Steel Fan and Fixture Mounting Box with Adjustable Bracket, For Existing Construction, 16-24-inches, Metallic, 1-Pack

Following it, you will attach the ceiling fan mounting bracket to the ceiling and then install the housing of the fan. When you check the junction box stability and find out that the fan can use just a little more support, you will have to access the box from above if possible.

Every ceiling fan comes with factory-designed assembly directions which will help you to go ahead step by step right through the process of the installation. After you have finished installing the ceiling fan mounting bracket, you will have to install the hanging frame if one is also included in the kit.

The frame can allow you to suspend a down rod. In addition, if you do not have one, then you can continue to install the ceiling fan using the way outlined in the instructions. After everything else is done, you can add the blades by screwing the mounting hardware into the fan blades and attaching the blades to the housing.

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