Homemade Quilts – How to Make

There is nothing like the console of a homemade quilt. The beautiful colors, the flannel backing and also the love which go into its creation are what make it so exceptional. Homemade quilts are fairly simple to make and all which is required are just some basic sewing skills, needle, thread, scissors, and fabric.

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There are many patterns which can be sewn effortlessly by hand making use of paper foundations. The usage of a sewing machine will speed up the quilt making process yet is not as convenient as hand work is.

The best kind of fabric to be used for homemade quilts is 100% cotton. It will wear well, is simple to stitch through and also comes in hundreds of prints. It is somewhat more expensive than the cotton or poly blends yet well worth the investment. It is especially important as hand quilting as the little needle passes through cotton a lot easier.

The batting might be polyester, a cotton or poly blend or all cotton. The planned use will determine the kind of batting used. You need to bear in mind that the cotton batting will need to be sewed closer together than the polyester batting.

Beautiful homemade quilts can be made out of the simplest of forms. Squares are the simplest to start with seeing that there is no set in curves or angles. A very good size to begin with is a 4 inch square.

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You can pick two colors (either print, solid, or one of each) and then cut 5 of one and also 4 of the other. You can also sew them up together in checkerboard fashion making use of a quarter inch seam allowance, and then the result is the 12 inch block. This 12 block can make a lap quilt.

For homemade quilts with small pieces Foundation Paper Piecing works best. The technique works well on the sewing appliance as the stitch length might be set close together. Besides, the short stitches make it simpler to remove the paper as the blocks are finished.

For the instructions on how to create a quilt using this technique, it is great to visit the library and then borrow a book about quilting. Providing directions in this article will actually not do the way justice. Sometimes having a visual situation is very helpful, so using a book or a quilting website as the reference.

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