Hotel Towel Rack – Bringing the Spa Home

A hotel towel rack is an appealing piece of bathroom hardware. It usually has a storage shelf for holding folded towels and spare bathroom tissue. It can provide space to hang many towels; the two or three rods are not rare. KES Towel Rack with Double Towel Bar for Bathroom (Stainless Steel 60 CM Wall Mount) Organizer Storage, Brushed Finish, A2112-2

While it is a familiar practice to throw away towels to the hotel laundry just after a single use, an improved awareness in green practices means that many hotel guests are keen to use a towel again after a single use instead of adding it to the laundry. When the hotel provides enough hanging space to dry towels which have been used a single time, many visitors might be likely to hold this environmentally-friendly practice.

The hotel towel rack can provide sufficient hanging space to do that. If you a watch home design show and browse some home improvement magazines, then the key word that you will hear while the discussion turns to a bathroom renovation is spa. Any features in a bathroom which can contribute luxury and understated design add to the spa treatment. One of these additions can be hotel towel racks.

If you come to a decision in adding a hotel towel rack in your bathroom, you have some options to take into account. The classic wall shelf can provide you with a place to store spare bathroom nuts and bolts and a set of folded towels. Besides, the two or three hanging bars can give you ample space to dry towels. Gatco 1541SN 10-Inch by 20-Inch Towel Rack, Satin Nickel

You can find a towel rack which expands your linen storage just by providing space to stack washcloths, bath towels, and hand towels in a little amount of wall space. If there is a floor space to spare in the bathroom, then you can buy a graceful free-standing towel rack which can present two or three rods for the drying space.

The most pleasure-seeking spas provide you with a warm towel after your treatment. You can take this home with you and indulge in a heated hotel towel rack. When you are renovating your bathroom, you can also go high end and install hard-wired towel warmers.

This one is available in a range of styles, sizes, and finishes. Add a programmable thermostat which can let you set a timer for the towel rack, and you can also step out of the shower each day to a warm bath sheet. Additionally, with those features, you can feel like you never left a holiday retreat.Aluminum Double Towel Bar 24 inch wih 5 Hooks ,bathroom shelves?towel holders bath ,towel rack ,bathroom shelvesOrganize It All Shelf with Towel Rack


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