iHome iP9 iPod Speaker Dock – A Resourceful Gadget

The iHome iP9 alarm clock and iPod can play a very important role in our daily life. Even if its function is different from each other, it can be different to see life without those two widgets. Imagine yourself missing an important event or being late for work just because you do not own an alarm clock.iHome iP9 Speaker Dock with Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone (Black)

Also imagine yourself bringing a big Walkman just to enjoy your favorite music at the same time as you are on the move (and not to mention carrying extra cassette CDs or tapes into your handbag just to have a range of music). Lastly, somebody has thought of a way in how the gadgets can rightly work with each other. Now you have the deluxe of getting up to your preferred music with the aid of your iPod and also alarm clock speaker.

The iHome iP9 is a pioneering clock radio or speaker dock. It serves just like the iPod speaker system with a little extra feature; a feature which could save your life, career, and also relationship known as the alarm.

Now you have the luxury of getting up to your most wanted music, the radio, or standard signal alarm with the help of this resourceful iPod speakers. The widget can be set to steadily raise the alarm volume thus it is not too distressing. It also has a double alarm which allows you set different wake times with a different song dependent on your choice.iHome iP9 Speaker Dock with Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone (Silver)

The snooze feature of iHome iP9 lets you select the snooze intervals. Also, it has a sleep feature which can work the opposite way as the alarm. It can help you drift off with the aid of some soothing music which gradually reduces the music volume. The customizable sleep volume lets you to choose a cozy volume level without listening volume levels or affecting the alarm.

Your iPod charges while on the dock of the speaker so as you walk out the door, you can have a complete charge iPod which will last all the way through the day. It also has a daylight savings time switch which is very functional for people. In addition, the iHome iP9 features an external AM antenna which can provide better reception and result to good quality radio sounds. Besides, it can also allow you to save the station of the preference or choice on the AM/FM presets.

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