iLuv Dual Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker Review

With a remarkably similar look to an iHome alarm clock, the iLuv dual alarm clock with bed shaker has most of what the iHome clock has to offer. The clock has some really chic and graceful lines. Along with the flowing speakers, its large snooze switch and back lit screen are centered right on the front face of the clock. TimeShaker Micro by iLuv (Dual Alarm Clock Bluetooth FM Stereo Clock Radio with Bed Shaker Alarm & USB Charging Port) for Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTC, Google and Other Bluetooth Devices

On top, you can see two dials used for setting the volume, setting the time or alarm, and tuning the radio. Two rows of switches are featured between said dials for setting the sleep time, alarm settings, date, and music source.

The iLuv dual alarm clock with bed shaker can be a very good choice to the iHome alarm clock. For starters, literally the iLuv supports every iPod generation, including the nano and mini, and has a USB port for an iPod shuffle. On top of it, there is a line-in connection thus you can virtually connect any audio device.

A great attribute of all, a line-out connection is also included. Also, the included remote control is included for entertaining. The alarms can also be set to the radio, your iPod, or the standard buzzer.iLuv IMM155BLK Vibro II Alarm Clock 30-Pin Speaker Dock with Bed Shaker (Black) - old Model

In addition, the master volume of the iLuv dual alarm clock with bed shaker is independent of the volume thus you do not need to worry on accidentally silencing your morning get up. Even if the MSRP of the iLuv clock is quite expensive, you can find some really great deals. For how much you get the clock for, it has possibly been one of the finest bangs for your buck as it comes to iPod clock radios.

Although it is a great deal, the iHome clock has a better stock stereo. That is why the iLuv clock has very good sound quality, just not as crispy at high volumes as the iHome. However, it is made up for by the line-out link the iLuv features, letting you to blow an alarm clock away with your stereo system.

Additionally, the bed shaker or the vibration pod that comes with the dual clock alarm can be positioned under the mattress or under the pillow. For some people, the bed shaker can be enough to get up by and you might not have to use the alarm in any way. You just need to test your iLuv dual alarm clock with bed shaker for yourself to see what works.iLuv Vibro I Bed Shaker 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock (Black)iLuv – 1.4" Jumbo LED Dual Alarm Clock with Super Vibrating Wired Bed Shaker, 120 dB Panic Sound, and Built-In 3 LED Alert Light

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