Interior Paint Color Schemes for Victorian Design

As Victorian design becomes increasingly popular, many people are interested to build a home in this design. Some others simply want to bring original elegance of Victorian period home to their modern living space. Victorian Exterior Decoration: How to Paint Your Nineteenth-Century American House Historically

In order to highlight the Victorian design, you should use particular interior paint color schemes as used in the colorful era in the architectural history. It is not easy to do that because nowadays, many major paint manufacturers already produce Victorian paint color schemes in modern versions.

The color schemes include greens, gold, blues, and pinks. No matter what color you choose is, add furniture that go well with the schemes of the walls.

Greens are typically used in Victorian homes. Rich and deep green is used as the primary color of the room. Paler shades of green like sea foam color or sage are used to offset the deeper greens. Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses: Comstock's Modern House Painting, 1883 (Dover Architecture)

Applying some combinations of colors in the interior home color schemes is a great idea. Of course the colors you choose to accompany the primary color should well-suited. Colors like grays and greenish blue are well-matched with the green color.

To make the green Victorian room neat and tidy, trim it with dark painted or stained wood. Find green velvet upholstery and furniture made of dark wood to enhance the Victorian look. In such schemes, the room will feel lively and fresh.

The other popular interior paint color schemes of Victorian homes are various shades of pinks such as bright salmons, purplish mauves, and lightly-tinted pastels.

Salmon tones are best used for kitchens, big bedrooms, and dining room while pinks with cooler shades are a better choice for smaller bedroom and sitting rooms. Combine light, medium, and dark tones of pinks for the Victorian paint color. Hints on Household Taste: The Classic Handbook of Victorian Interior Decoration (Dover Architecture)

Like green colors, pinks also go well with dark wood and dark interior fabrics. Both pink and green can be combined with gold for a richer feeling. Gold is often used for moldings and trim.

Blue color schemes are also an excellent choice for Victorian home design. Blue tones can be used as both secondary and primary color especially for loungers or bedrooms. Opt for blue shades which are somewhat muted but rich.

For example paint the lower portions of walls in darker teal blue-greens and upper walls with lighter grays or gray-blues. These interior paint color schemes will make the room looks elegant, formal, and glamorous.Paint in America: The Colors of Historic Buildings

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