Junghans Clock – An Antique and Unique Piece

It is an interesting project to find out even a little about a Junghans clock with their unique styles and dazzling workmanship and to marvel at how it has endured for some centuries. Junghans Max Bill Wall Clock

Many owners of its parents’ or grandparents’ clock have no idea of their collectability or value seeing that they have taken for granted at all times that this magnificent piece has graced the houses of the relatives all their lives. The chiming of the clock or the cuckoos sounds are in fact a nuisance to people instead of being prized or appreciated as heirlooms.

A trademark stamp put on the Junghans clock somewhere can be investigated to decide its age, where it was from, and who made it. The real antiques are really worth thousands of dollars and are also works of art.

A side advantage to some is to carefully look inside to see if somebody hid money or valuables all along the way that used to be a trendy thing to do. An antique wall clock can add elegance to a space with their great craftsmanship making a topic of talk by guests.

Because every piece of the Junghans clock was affectionately and well made, the clock generally continues to work great after all those years, even those wound with keys and dependent on weights and a pendulum. Besides, there are several clock designs, many of which are extraordinarily beautiful and astonishing. Max Bill clock.30cm diam. Stainless steel case. Quartz movement. Mineral glass face with marker bars.

A rare Junghans wall clock can have a temperature compensating mercury pendulum that is visible through two glass jars and also a brass bob pendulum, and this still keeps great time. Many mahogany cases are gorgeous and bronze was a most wanted metal to be used both as ornamental areas on top of and on the hands or the clock or possibly just as the clock itself being a firm cast bronze.

Additionally, there are Junghans clock designs made exclusively for sportsmen like golfers, a sconce clock with double candle holders, those showing train stations and some other scenes, the ever admired grandfather clocks, and one which honors the Savannah Botanical Society in 1913 by plantation women.

Some clocks have also Roman numerals as their numbers, and seeing those symbols is turning into a fading art as most school kids are not taught what these mean today. Treasure those valuable timepieces and then pass them along to your inheritors for their continual satisfaction.Junghans Max Bill Quartz Table Clock | White 363/2210.00

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