Mercury Glass Bathroom Accessories – Simple Ways

There are a lot of bathroom accessories offered in the market. Each of them brings their own character and functionality for the bathroom. But, if you want something different and more personal, you can choose to create your own mercury glass bathroom accessories.GG Collection Tumbler, Mercury

This is the kind of accessories that will not only give interesting accent toward your bathroom, but it will also give some benefits for whomever else inside. For example, you can use it as vase to place artificial or real flower or you make is as a place to put in an aromatherapy candle. Everything can be done so nicely with the application of these accessories inside the bathroom. So, if you are interested, here are the simple steps in making it.

The early stage of making mercury glass bathroom accessories is preparing the materials. All the materials here is easy to find in shop, so there is no reason for you to not making it due to the limited materials.

  1. First, prepare the basic materials, glass votive. There will be some kinds of glass votive in the market, the clear one, and the colored one. You can choose the one that you like.
  2. Then, you will also need a votive candle or flower. A spray paint with krylon looking for glass will also be needed here. Moreover, you need also provide other complementary materials such as water-filled spray bottle, paper towel, and rubbing alcohol.

8-Piece Bath Accessory Complete Set by Kassatex, Vizcaya Bath AccessoriesAfter all of the materials are provided, you are ready to step into the next step, the making process of mercury glass bathroom accessories.

  1. Firstly, make sure that the spray bottle is set in the mist mode. Then, spray the votive glass’s inside until it forms water beads on the surface. Secondly, spray the paint in it quickly. The mottled pattern will appear soon as the water beads will block the paint particle to adhere into the glass.
  2. Then, wait for about five minutes as the paint dried up. After that, dab the excessed water away in the bottom by using paper towel.
  3. After finishing all the steps above, it means that you already have mercury glass accessories for your bathroom. But, to make it even more interesting, do the following ways to add more coating on it. Repeat the process above for about two or three times to get the perfect motives.
  4. Then, use the alcohol-saturated paper towel to clean the painting over spray on the outside of the votive. After that, you can apply the candle or flower in it as accessories.

Finally, by doing the steps above, you will be able to get the perfect mercury glass bathroom accessories.Mercury Tissue Boxnu steel The Tatara Group's Glass Soap Dish, Patchwork, Mercury

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