Moen Towel Bars Buying – What to Remember

It is quite hard to find out the significance of Moen towel bars until you experience the bother faced because of the lack of it. There are lots of things to take into account before one starts installing them. The design, style, position, length, and number of those bars that are required in every bathroom are some of the details which really need to be worked out prior to drilling holes into the walls of the bathroom for fitting them.Moen DN8418BN Preston 18-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel

The Moen towel bars are very convenient at what time they are positioned in the most appropriate position. It means that as you wash your hands, you do not need to turn around to get the hand towel to dry yourself. Moreover, the bath towel rack has to be somewhere that is close to the bath tub or the shower cubicle in order that you do not drip water all over the floor of the bathroom searching for it after a shower. There must also be a sufficient space on every rack to fit the towels in contentedly. These decisions can purely be subjective and should be taken based on your tastes and requirements.

The Moen towel bars are offered in a wide variety of lengths dependent on the genre of towel that you want to hang on it. The 7 inch bathroom bars must do the trick if you are talking about a hand towel. You might have two of them in any side of the wash basin for additional availability. Bath towels are typically much heavier and bigger than the hand towels. Hence, not only do they need longer bars, but they should also be fitted appropriately in order that they do not give in under the more weight of wet towels that are often hung after we use them from coming out of a shower.Moen DN8424CH Preston 24-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Chrome

Even though we would ideally be fond of hanging our wet towels outside in order to dry in the sun, this is not always feasible to do so by reason of lack of space and time. For that reason, most of the times, we tend to leave them on the bathroom towel bars. Thus, whilst fitting one of these in, you need to think about the additional weight of the Moen towel bars that may possibly cause them to break away when not supported adequately. Studs are very good supports in such circumstances.Moen YB2824BN Eva 24-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Brushed NickelMoen DN6824BN Sage 24-Inch Bathroom Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel

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