Narrow Console Table with Drawers Advice

Much furniture with various design and shape can make your room look great. One of them is narrow console table with drawers. This type of table is rare to be found in people house. They think this one is part of furniture or household and belong to part that is more aesthetic. When you look at functional, this item might not be crossed in mind.Kings Brand Furniture Console Entryway Table with 2 Drawers, Walnut Finish Wood

However, there are more just what it look on outside. New model of console had been designed to fulfill decoration needs. It gets extended side such as drawers or use retractable part. Therefore, there is opportunity to use this table in your room.

Narrow console table with drawers has dual function. Main function as table is place to put anything. In old days, this kind of table can be found only in women bedroom. It is not dressing table because less wide. Narrow console table with drawers will hold anything you put on top of it.

Things should be tiny like scissor, book, pen, even flower in vase. There is something interesting in flower in vase on console table. Flower is the most exquisite part to be decoration. If you this item, make sure vase is plastic. You don’t want any accident with vase fall because it is made from ceramics.Modern Cottage Wood Narrow End Sofa Console Accent Table with Storage Drawer - Includes Modhaus Living Pen (Red)

Narrow console table with drawers can store anything tiny or small into its drawer. When you need place that easy to be found but come in handy when it is necessary, drawer on console table is good choice. This function is expanded version from original console drawer. You can create specific drawer in this table.

Most of manufacturers understand that customers want more just merely aesthetic side. The result is new design of console one with one or more drawers. You can pick and use it as household.

The common question about console table is where to place it. Most people confuse about this kind of table because they lack of information. They always think about bedroom and no other else. Experts suggest trying some dramatic change with console table on living room. However, you have to aware about room proportion and ask designer to avoid bad appearance on room.

Special narrow console table with drawers can be put on whether bedroom or dining room. Kitchen is optional unless you want something new in there. The choice to use console table in your hand, so make sure you take right decision.Leick 20027-WT Coastal Narrow Hall Stand/Sofa Table with Shelf, Orchid WhiteHooker Furniture 963-85-122 72'' Hall Console, Medium Wood

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