Residential Ceiling Fan Setting for Winter

If you find your room getting hot during the summer season, everyone knows that a residential ceiling fan can be a good solution to cool the room. However, not everyone knows that a residential fan can also be used during the winter months. Lynstead 52-in Specialty Bronze Flush Mount Indoor Residential Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

Usually in winter, people do not use their ceiling fan but they use a heater to heat the room. Of course this will increase their monthly bill. It is time to reduce the dependence on heaters by learning how to heat the room using a ceiling fan. What you need is just to learn how to set the fan so it can work to heat the room.

The idea is just simple. The direction the fan’s rotation can be changed so the blades can force cooler air upward and the warm air that rises naturally is forced down into the room. Below is the complete instruction of the ceiling fan setting.Litex E-MLV36BNK4LK1 Maksim Collection 36-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Wench Wood Blades and Single Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

To reach the residential ceiling fan, you should first prepare a chair or step stool, or even a ladder if your ceiling is very high. Before you do something to the fan, of course you need to turn it off.

Usually a ceiling fan has a remote control to control the device. Some others have a string that can be pulled to turn it off. After it has been turned off, do not directly reach the fan, but wait until the blade stop turning.

Next, place the ladder, chair, or step stool under the fan. Make sure that it is strong enough to support your body safely while working with the fan.Beach Creek 44-in Brushed Nickel Downrod or Close Mount Indoor Residential Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit with Remote (3-Blade)

Look for a small toggle switch which is located at the cylindrical body of your residential ceiling fan. It is very small only 1 to 2 inches long and will oriented vertically. The switches are typically made of black colored plastic. Therefore it can be clearly seen in a light colored ceiling fan.

The toggle switch then should be set in the opposite direction. Now, get down from your ladder and turn on the residential fan again to see whether you successfully change the direction of the fan’s blade rotation.

Look at the direction of the fan the blades begin to spin. If it follows the clockwise direction, it means that the residential ceiling fan is ready is properly set for winter. In this setting, you will not able to feel a breeze directly under the ceiling fan.Emerson Ceiling Fans CF711BS Pro Series II Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light, 50-Inch Blades, Brushed Steel Finish

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