Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Master Bedroom

If you are bored with your current contemporary or traditional design of your master bedroom, why don’t try rustic interior design? It will be a good idea to get a new look of the room especially of your home also use some rustic elements.

This design is very ideal for a master bedroom as it can create a feeling of coziness and comfort. It has special decor, accents, and tones that really can give a fresh and unique ambiance. Cade Old Rustic Window Barnwood Frames -Decoration for Home or Outdoor, Not for Pictures (2, 11X15.8 inch)

There are three points of rustic design that can be applied in your master bedroom. You should focus the design of the bedding, lighting, and accessories to obtain the rustic look.

Let’s begin with the bedding. Bedding with rustic interior design will set the theme and mood for the entire room. A rustic bed is that one made or heavy wrought iron or log materials.

This kind of material is often used in the past era. Choose a coverlet in neutral color to cover the bed. Do not forget to use a comforter or a quilt with rustic elements. Rustic Northwood's Lodge Moose Bedroom Quilt, King

For example choose the ones with particular pattern like moose, deer, pine trees, and other rustic details. Find the ones with tan, green, or a rustic brown.

Rustic interior ideas can be enhanced with rustic accessories. There are a lot of artworks containing rustic nature such as animal paintings of moose or deer, landscape of farms or forestry, etc.

These artworks will really contribute to the rustic style of the decoration. It is not difficult to find items for your rustic interior design as flea markets usually sell rustic antiques such as small tone, worn tables, old milk cans, and rocking chairs. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Rocking Chair, Natural

You can also see many other leather and wood accessories here. Pick accessories that are cheap but able to give a large impact.

The choice of lighting can help the rustic master bedroom to look more rustic. To show off the rustic style the room, go for yellow-toned lighting instead of fluorescent lighting.

Lighting with yellow tone is soft thus it brings out the luxury in the rustic textures and colors that are used in the room. Fluorescent lighting is not really good as it looks totally out of bedroom.

Visit the nearest hardware store to buy lighting fixture you need for the rustic interior design. Here, you can also get unique lighting fixture that reflects rustic decor such as lampshades in the shape of tree bark or deer antlers.16 Inch Deer Rustic Lamp Shade....Click On Photos To View Sizing and Style Options

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