Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors for Many Types of Home

Home interior may be judged from its exterior. Therefore the exterior should be attractive. One of the ways to make it eye-pleasing is to paint the exterior walls to suit your style of home. You can use Sherwin Williams paint to do the task. It is very popular in producing paint products.

There are various Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors. Painting your home exterior won’t be daunting anymore if you use this paint. Instead, you will find it fun and easy. There are many colors available. The colors fall in some category depending on the types of home.

Do you know arts & craft home? This style appeared for the first time in the 1880s. The style was inspired by the movement of the Transcendentalist which promoted a return to nature.

Therefore, this style integrates exposed stone, wood, and other natural materials. They come in simple forms. Arts & Craft fee is often found in mission-style homes, pueblos, bungalows, and other. Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors are available to match the style such as natural earth tones.

On the other hand, if you like a home in colonial style, the best exterior paint colors are soft whites, mild blues, and strong touches of red. Typically this style is found in two-story homes. Even so, it can be applied in other kinds of home.

For bolder style, you can go for French country. In this style, it is quite common to have various prints the one room, mainly with furniture.

Purples, pinks, sea foamed greens, yellows, gentle blues, and buttery gold are Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors that can make your home look awesome. Sherwin Williams also offer stunning bright red that can be applied to the door.

It really reflects the country style. Another similar style of home is ranch home. It is very popular between 1950s-1960s. Ranch homes are well-known for its open style. The ideal colors for its exterior are neutral colors like ecru, tan, beige, or eggshell.

Many other homes are influenced by Spanish home in the early 20th century. This style is called Spanish revival. Commonly the exteriors of this home are stucco or clay that comes in sandy colors or off-white.

There are also some Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors that can be used for the interiors such as deep sapphire, ruby, exotic jade, and other kinds of jewel tones. These tones are also suitable for Victorian homes.

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