Skull Pillow Buying Guide

Attaining a quality sleep can be affected by many factors like a peaceful and soothing mood in your bedroom. The bed must be rather comfortable so you can fully stretch your body and then lie on the bed in a comforting position. Some experts suggest that you play soft music in order to de-stress your body and mind. Decorbox Cotton Linen Square Decorative Fashion Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Black White Rose Skull 18"

The lights should be put off as you are to sleep and there must be suitable ventilation in the room. The linens should be soft and comfortable and provide you warmth all the way through cold seasons. Nevertheless, there is one factor most of us tend to overlook and it is the skull pillow.

The wrong option of skull pillow can lead to neck pain. In case you are a back sleeper, the pillow should not affect extreme pressure to the neck specifically on the C2, C3 and spine. Moreover, the pillow’s pressure can irritate the nerve sheaths, sensitive muscles, and joints of the neck causing swelling. In case you have been treated for a neck pain, it can persist and might take time to heal. CoolDream Cotton Linen Decorative Pillowcase Throw Pillow Cushion Cover Gothic Horror Skull Square 18"

The wrong selection of pillow can also cause shoulder pain. Spasms might develop in the trapezius muscles when the shoulders are positioned at 90 degrees to the sheet. These muscles should be relaxed as sleeping as they do a diversity of actions apart from being the base for lifting up the head.

If you do not use the right skull pillow, you might experience neck and also upper arm pain and loss of sense on the little and ring fingers when your head is at the 90o angle. As your shoulder is compressed in a tough surface, the scapula can be pushed to the neck and also upper spine joints influencing the C6 and C7 spine.5 PCS 18'' Vintage Black&Colourful Sugar Skull Linen Pillow Cushion Covers 5KD1

Traveling down the arm in this site is the nerve blood vessel and such compression can cause upper arm pain and on the ring and also little fingers especially when a problem already exists in this site.

Neck pain is usually referred to as one of the main reasons of a shoulder problem. For this reason, it is of vital importance that the neck should be in a good position as sleeping or even as lying down. A good skull pillow will help you to achieve a fine night’s sleep as well as keep you from getting neck and also shoulder pain.Decorbox Two Skulls in Love Cotton Linen Decorative Cushion Covers Vintage Skull Throw Pillow Cases for Sofa Hot Sale 18X18''

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