Some IKEA Bathroom Vanities to Consider

Most IKEA bathroom vanities are typically new, but truly reproduced, copies of traditional vanities. You have had to hand it to the cabinet producers of the past seeing that the designs they made are still deemed to be pieces of furniture of fine beauty.

It is great that you can purchase these same styles at the present, but new. There’s relatively brisk trades developing in real IKEA cabinets that people have converted into bathroom vanities, yet take a look at some of those pieces and you will find out that it is easier and cheaper to get one ready-made!

One of IKEA bathroom vanities that you can take into account is the Antique Bathroom Vanity. This piece has some beautiful decorative carving in the sides as well as front and it also has an attractive curved shape that can make it look completely different from the common cabinets.

The front cupboard boasts a door with brass hinges and its inside can give plenty of storage space as well. The oval-formed vanity top is marble and its basin is made out of clean looking white porcelain.

The cherry-brown of IKEA bathroom vanities is very rich and it would look superb matched with some peach bathroom drapes. The vanity unit is made out of a blend of wood MDF and solid birch wood cabinet frames.

You can buy a similar bathroom wall mirror and also bathroom wall cabinet. The vanity tops are off-white marble and you can get this one in Antique Oak with black granite bathroom vanity tops.

You can also take into account Single Sink Victorian Antique Bathroom Vanity as one of stunning IKEA bathroom vanities.

This is something that is quite different with a firmly Victorian English style. It is a square and utilitarian looking vanity piece with a black finish that looks very smart and dramatic. Its basin is ivory ceramic and this bathroom vanity top would be marble.

The front of this historic bathroom vanity features two large rectangular doors and gray metal door knobs. This vanity would in fact fit in with most bathroom types and black is always a simple color to match with bathroom drapes.

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