Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock Repair

A Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock, like other grandfather clocks, has typical mechanisms such as inner mechanism, face, pendulum, hands, and chimes. While grandfather clocks are usually made in Germany or America, the Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock is made in Asia but still they have the same mechanism.

In order to work properly, all mechanism should be orderly synchronized. If one there is a problem with one or even more components, the clock may not be a able to function well.

Having someone to fix it may cost a lot of money. You can learn how to repair the clock yourself. Nowadays, people are eager to learn DIY repair to save a lot of money. What you need to do the repair is just small pliers and clock oil.

The first step to repair Tempus Fugit Clock is to open the back of the clock gently using the small pliers. This is to see whether the spring of the clock is working in order or not.

If you find that this part does not work (perhaps because it is too old), you should oil the pivot sections of the spring or buy a new spring to replace the existing one. The small pliers can help your o remove the old spring easily.

The gears and the mechanism of the Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock should be oiled at least once every three years to keep its performance. If you do not do this kind of maintenance, there will be malfunctions of some mechanisms.

The other common problem with Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock is related to its weights. To troubleshoot this problem, you should check whether the weights are ordered and pulled up properly.

To do this, you should first remove the pendulum carefully from the clock. Sometimes, the bottoms of the weights are not in their proper place meaning that they are tangled.  If this happen the weights should be adjusted.

After the weights are aligned, hook the pendulum back up and adjust the bob to normalize the speed of the Tempus Fugit Floor Clock.

After that, the hands of the clock must also be checked. If you see them touching each other thus get stuck, move the minute hand gently away from the hour hand.

You can do this by turning it counterclockwise. Finally, the time of the Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock can be set. Now, the clock can work properly.

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