Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock Value

A Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock is a very inexpensive grandfather clock that is not always a great value. The three in-style quality brands are Hermle, Howard Miller, and Ridgeway with Howard Miller being the biggest and the one of those three brands that builds their own entire clock.

In case you have found a newer clock with the Tempus Fugit on the dial, in particular Grandfather Clocks online without much other recognition of brand or the name you never have recognized, it is most likely a small economical floor clock that is made in China typically sold on Auction websites by home based sale sellers.

You can purchase this grandfather clock to evaluate and it looks like the images that you can see on the web, yet much smaller as the base is really small.

At what time you walk across a usual floor everyplace near one of this Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock, the clock can rock back and forth. It should be making use of a wall strap as a kid could pull it over easily.

These Tempus Fugit clocks just weigh about 43lbs. This unique grandfather clock is very top heavy and it is 31 day key wound clock making use of a low priced movement with no access at all to the movement.

The rear is stapled shut; as a result, the only access is by just taking the cabinet apart. According to some reviews, the chimes of this Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock are actually not really good as the chimes might stop working after about one month.

The weights in the base of this Tempus Fugit clock weight only some grams and are for beautification only.

As you open the door toward the top, you need to place your other hand on the cupboard to keep from pulling forward. It indeed would have been better to have installed simple batteries movement rather than a mechanical movement for reliability.

In case you are considering Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock as a present or as family heirlooms, you might want to choose a real Grandfather Clock as it costs more initially yet you will be a lot more satisfied over some years and have a real heirloom which can be passed on for some generations.

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