Tripod Floor Clocks for Your Home

Using tripod floor clocks is a new way to make you house looks classic and elegant. This clock can be placed in almost all rooms in the house. Not just a timepiece instrument, they can show that the homeowner is someone that has a great love for art. Using this clock also mean you do net need to perforate holes in the wall to put the nail. It is very practical and does not spoil the beauty of the house. Today, tripod clocks are available in many designs and prices. You can search many models on the internet and book it immediately.Benzara Very Cool Stainless Steel Floor Clock

The original tripod clock which is a genuine relic of ancient times would be sold at a high price. However, many producers have made their replicas that can be purchased at more affordable prices. Mid-century design is very popular for the buyers. There are many producers who give a traditional finishing on their tripod floor clocks in order to bring out the antique look. Brown, white, and black are still dominating the finishing. Other colors such as green or red are rarely used. The numbers on the clock usually use roman numerals. However, the usual numbers also have been used in the latest products.

These tripod floor clocks are affordable choices to complete the classic look of your house.  You will get a high quality product made of the combination of iron alloy and solid wood. That is a very strong and durable material. However, you have to pay more if you want to go for the clock that has other features like a pendulum, chimes, alarm, or volume control.Urban Designs Large Weathered Industrial Studio Tripod Floor Clock

If you like to add this unique thing into your collection, you have to prepare some space in the corner, on the side of the closet, or other areas to put this thing. Do not put it in the place that is often used for walking. Show the clock in an open area and make it visible from the bottom to the top. Remove the tables or other objects in front of it. Your tripod floor clocks will be perfect if combined with wooden furniture.Howard Miller 615-070 Chaplin Floor ClockDeco 79 Metal Tripod Floor Clock, 62 by 16-Inch

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