Annoying Alarm Clocks for Deep Sleeper

Are annoying alarm clocks any better for getting us up in the morning and waking us to get out of our bed than the ordinary alarm clocks? That is the question this article sets out to address. Pluteck Non Ticking Analog Alarm Clock with Nightlight and Snooze/Ascending Sound Alarm/Simple to Set Clocks, Battery Powered, Small, Black

First of all, why would you desire one of those clocks anyway? Probably the answer is for the uniqueness value, also in case you are one of the heavy sleepers who are quite difficult to wake up by any normal alarm clock.

Aside from anything else, those novelty yet crazy alarm clocks can make great gifts for giving away to either family or friends.

So, those loud alarm clocks are not merely going to be your regular clock radio, which either can make a buzzing voice or the radio comes on at what time the alarms have been set. No, it is absolutely not, without a doubt.

Those annoying alarm clocks have turned into a different class of alarm clock. In addition, they are not going to stop to be annoying for you until they have completed their job of getting you up.

Whereas a usual alarm clock can get you up to buzzing or music, an irritating one will most likely have a higher pitch that can irritate you more, and also help you get up faster, particularly if you have a habit of sleeping by a usual alarm. Screaming Meanie 220 Home Travel Annoying Extremely Loud Alarm Clock

The pitch of the alarm clocks can be set to higher levels if wanted. Some of those alarm clocks are available with vibrating devices that are attached to the clocks that can vibrate the bed to get you up.

While using those annoying alarm clocks might sound extreme, it is not the problem, and many people who get up by using those bed shakers choose them to the usual alarms. It is just like someone standing over you and shaking you awake gently.

Additionally, if you are one of marksmen and find it difficult to get up, then you can use Laser Target alarm clocks. When the alarms go off you need to aim the laser beam at the correct center of the clocks.

This is the way to turn off those annoying alarm clocks and they are ready 24 hours later to ensure that you wake up. This can allow for your body and mind to be more active and completely awake for shooting the laser into the right center.Betus [Non-ticking] Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal - Wake-up Clock with Flashing Eye Lights and Hand Clip - 4.5" x 6.5" x 2" (Yellow)

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