Be Different with DIY Picture Frames

The DIY picture frames can bring both elegance and sophistication to the picture or photo in question and also to the wall in which it is positioned. Opting for the right frames for your picture or photograph is a very important step in any picture framing. Unfinished Solid Wood Photo Picture Frames Ready To Paint for DIY Projects 4 by 6 Inches Set of 3

There are some requirements that you need to take into account at what time you want to have custom picture frames.

The first thing that you have to think about as you are doing DIY frames is glass. Glass can protect the picture or the photo from any physical damage such as dust, sunlight, fire, liquids, etc. To cut this glass, you will have to wear a protective glove and make use of a glass cutter.

Before you cut the thick glass for your DIY picture frames, you will also have to measure the dimensions of the photographs or pictures and the mount. You need also to cut the glass quite bigger than that.LWR Crafts Wooden DIY Photo Frame 4" x 6" Pack of 2

Then, the next thing that you need to take into your consideration for your custom photo frames is frame mouldings. The frames often come in a ready cut part and only need to be joined making use of glue.

Moreover, those can come in metal and wood. Those moldings can be ordered via the Internet from the various designs obtainable. Those can be joined together using clampers. Besides frame moulding, you need also to consider mount for your DIY picture frames.

Mount is a distinct dyed board with surrounds the picture or photograph. It can also be single or double mount. In addition, mount cutters are used for cutting it to cut those mounts made out of cardboards or fiber to the dimension.Paper Photo Frames 4x6 DIY Collage for Wall Hanging Decorative Lightweight Cardboard Handicraft 10 Pieces

Mitre joint is also important to be deemed for your DIY photo frames. The moldings of the frames are joined together at the vertices. It has to be accurately at 45 degrees for a correct snug fit. Also, the framing turns out to be flawed. V nails are more often than not applied as the joiners.

Those are the main requirements that you need to take into account. Other than that, the tools required for appropriate framing are mitre trimmer, mitre saw, joiner, tab gun, ruler/scale, glass cutter, and mount cutter.

After your DIY picture frames have been set up and the photographs or pictures are set into the frames, you can now mount it on a wall.Yilove 4x6 Picture Frames with Mini Clips and String, Paper Hanging DIY Photo Frame Fits Home, Dorm Room, Office (Brown)

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