Eljer Toilet Seats – Designer Toilet Seats

The Eljer toilet seats are designers products that can be a great addition to any bathroom or restroom. Everyone uses toilets but for some reasons, not a lot of people want to talk about it as well. For example, most households just have the plain white and dull toilet in their bathroom even if the rest of their home might look like it is lifted out of the cover of magazines.

If you are really looking to add class and style to your home, then you must not forget to modernize design of your bathroom using Eljer toilet seats. There is no need to make a repair from the floor tiles to the paint of your bathroom even though it can be if you can really afford it.

For those who are really concerned on their budget, the key to your problem is simple and not as costly as a major overhaul costs you: a designer toilet seat; enter the Eljer toilet seats! The Eljer Inc. was in fact founded way back in 1904 by Raymond Elmer Crane and Oscar Jerome Backus, his cousin, from whose middle names the word “ELJER” was coined.

The Eljer toilets and their toilet seats are designed wonderfully. As you are in search for a decent toilet seat for your bathroom, there are two designs of toilet bowl seats you can see below.

The Church Elongated is one of Eljer toilet seats you can choose from. This residential lengthened closed front toilet bowl seat is available in sturdy molded wood and plastic seat too. It can be depicted as one which is made to endure and made out of comfort.

This type of toilet seat is made with resilient molded wood and without doubt it will comfortably seat your household members. It is also outfitted with Top-Tite hinges which is a very good addition to your bathroom.

The Church Elongated Plastic is also one of Eljer toilet seats that you can have. This residential extended toilet bowl seat is made out of plastic that just like its wooden counterpart is produced to last and also made to provide comfort along with its solid plastic.

In addition, It is also outfitted with Top-Tite hinges which will of course boost the design grade of a bathroom. It is available in natural, silver, and peach finishes. It also has stainless steel pintles, and hinges along with non-corrosive top contraction bolts, wing nuts and no slip washer.

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