Walnut Flooring – Valuable Dark Wood Floors

Have a look at some different kinds of wood flooring, and without doubt one of the darkest of woods can catch the eye. Walnut flooring has become on the darker end of woods and can provide a deep natural shade to the floor of any home. These dark wood floors have some properties which can make it wonderful if a home-builder or homeowner is taking into account a more Americana feel to the flooring.

Walnut has been valued for some centuries going beyond its function as a flooring material. The wood itself is extremely hard, dense and also known for a high polish. The color varies from the dark brown of the heartwood to the creamy white of the sapwood.

The rich color of dark wood floors has been valued not only for floors but also for bowls, furniture, and even for musical instruments and rifle stocks. There is no surprise, then, that people really want this type of wood for their hard wood flooring. The walnut flooring is very easy to work with and it is excellent at what time it comes to sawing and finishing, fair as it comes to nailing. Moreover, it is a dense material, although it is on a fifth softer than the Northern red oak.

The dark wood flooring are not excused from every day spillage and stain, and care must be taken to conserve and clean regularly. Failure to do so might damage and age the floor or void any warranty that you have on any walnut flooring.

Some tips may seem clear, for instance, on hard flooring having protective pads beneath furniture seems a no-brainer. However, several tips do not seem so clear like keeping high heel shoes in fine repair and keeping your pet nails well trimmed.

These things will lengthen the life of the dark wood floors and avoid expensive repairs down the line. The positive sides of walnut as the floor material are significant, yet so are the costs and also the maintenance.

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