Red Oak Flooring: Stunning, Versatile, and Durable

The red oak flooring is the most frequent hardwood flooring installed all through North America. With the reduced prices per square foot, this oak wood flooring was deemed as one of the most costly hardwood flooring in the past yet has gained new interest of the users as a result of the new introduction of the lower price schedules.

With the new pricing per square foot, this red oak hardwood flooring once again continues to rule the hardwood flooring market.

The look of red oak flooring is attractively beautiful; with even flow look and reliability across the floor surface with the patterns of light rays that are reflected in random style. This oak wood flooring creates a slight red shade or tint that can work very well with all interior design uses from modern to contemporary.

The model of this oak hardwood flooring is unlike some other hardwood flooring material because of open porous grains revealing the true qualities of this flooring, further rising the demand.

Of all installation processes and availability of this sort of hardwood flooring, the nailed down, 2-1/4″ strips frequently referred to as shorts, continues to be the most popular selection. Even if this red oak flooring is available in the other styles including laminate and engineered, solid red oak wood flooring remains out-sell all other designs by a broad margin.

Dependent on the preferences of finishes, the pre-finished oak wood flooring can offer a wide variety of color selections which has turned into yet another popular characteristic of this kind of flooring. For the more traditional house or business owners, the demand for the un-finished red oak stays high however needs professional installation and finishing that can add to the overall charge per square foot.

Additionally, sanding the un-finished flooring material can often create dust irrespective of precautions taken yet is kept minimal with specific sanding tools. Advocates of the solid nailed down floor installation are firmly convinced that the un-finished material is certainly better to pre-finished material allowing for finishing alternatives not available by any other finishing way.

Of course, whether installing un-finished or pre-finished hardwood flooring material, the whole pros and cons of every installation technique must be taken into consideration prior to a final choice is made. Furthermore, excelling in all respects to the other similar hardwood flooring material, the red oak flooring is both durable and versatile even under high traffic conditions, keeping brilliance for many care-free years.

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