White Oak Hardwood Flooring: Inspiring Qualities

Beyond the norm of what is normally chosen as traditional hardwood flooring material, the white oak hardwood flooring material can provide a realistic look which cannot be copied by any other hardwood flooring material. Recognized for superior durability and solidity, the use of white oak hardwood dates back centuries, a material commonly used in ship building of royal vessels which once sailed the seven seas.

Because of the intricate grain texture, mission and also art craft furniture was frequently crafted with this hardwood dating back to medieval times, presently displayed in historic museums remaining restored or untouched.

White oak hardwood flooring can give a chic and exceptional look to your house. white oak flooring is not a hardwood which is white in color, or looks like any color variations which would give the idea of a white look. White oak derives the name from the finish of the wood that develops a somewhat darker color with less sensitivity to the light as other type of hardwood material whilst retaining all original characteristics.

In fact, it can emulate a pale golden brown shade, making use of all the existing natural and simulated light, changing colors constantly, giving off an amber hue, and also efficiently enhancing the coloration of grain patterns that appear to change on a constant basis.

Recognized for the superior hardness and density, the white oak hardwood flooring is presently rated at 1360 in the Janka scale, used to gauge the density and hardness of all existing woods used in hardwood flooring materials structure.

Because of superior solidity, oak hardwood floors is less prone to scratching and denting, making it an outstanding hardwood flooring material which can withstand excessive wear beyond normal daily uses. Frequently used in commercial applications, white oak will remain a durable, low maintenance hardwood material found in many large department stores adding style and elegance to natural surrounds permeating quality.

White hardwood floors is commonly selected for hardwood flooring applications thanks to its fine grain, stunning lighter to darker grey and brown colors. With four grades offered, grades often dictate the cost per square footage that should be reviewed thoroughly at what time considering the wood as a flooring material.

Other than the superior durability and solidity of white oak hardwood flooring material, another advantage of this superior material can add value and character to any situation in a way that just white solid hardwood flooring material can offer.

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